Adopt A Bandsman

Adopt A Bandsman

Gone are the days of Pit sponsorship and paid players. We work hard for every penny and everyone does it for the love of making music and keeping our traditions alive.

Adopt a Bandsman and help support one of our players.

From as little as £25 per year you can give a heart warming gift to your loved one, and help keep Emley Brass Band going.

As an unsponsored band we have to keep a very careful eye on our finances, the cost of replacing our cheapest instrument (the cornet) is around the £2500 mark.

We are lucky to have a great treasurer and committee who take care to plan for any eventuality, and we try to responsibly budget for the future. However, it's tough when new, modern music calls for different mutes and percussion, and as the band improves we invest more and more in our own improvement.

Every adoption comes with a package to enable you to see what your player is up to during the year.

Your bandsman will write to you every quarter to let you know what they've been doing and plans for upcoming events, send you a personally recorded Happy Birthday message and, send you a Christmas Card with two tickets to our village Yuletide Concert (worth £12!).

If you wish to adopt a player, please fill out the form below and send a cheque made out to 'Emley Brass Band' and can be sent to to:

Emley Brass Band
101 highfield road
West Yorkshire

Our Musical Director shapes our musical journey, plans our programs for your entertainment, organises our schedules and works for the continuous development of all our players. Adopt our MD and you'll also get 4 tickets to our Yuletide Concert in December.
Our 'end chair' players are the ones you'll see stood up playing solos in concerts and the people under most pressure in contests performances. They are the icing on some of our performances.
Ensemble players make our team the strong unit it is, as you'll know a team is only as good as its weakest link. Adopt an ensemble player and help our team grow together.